Yelling Useless Things
(totally dummy talks)
A talk with Leslie Mann
Leslie Mann
Leslie Mann born March 26th, 1972 (Aries)
Leslie Mann is presently put in writing her unauthorized autobiography, a monumental work soon to be released in daily instalments. (pixabay photo)

Leslie, do you have something to say to young people?
I'll do! Don't let the color of your skin deter you from your goals. Unless you are violet. In that case drive to a clinic as soon as possible.

Are you allergic to anything?
Yes, I have a little intolerance to dimwits, armadillos, and acetone.

What do you think about the international situation?
Caramba! It's hard to figure it when you spend your days among piles of dough cuddled by willing servants, but there are places where it is difficult to find even a so-so mint julep.

Your line of work is often stressful. How do you face it?
To make my character tougher, I frequently rest on a hammock made of fresh nettle.

Leslie, which is your technique for perpetual youth?
It is a bath in lukewarm yak milk twice a month.

Leslie, your zodiac sign is Aries. May I read you your horoscope?
Please proceed, but I don't believe in zodiacal shenanigans.

Involuntarily, you are in an irksome condition that hampers you from doing those things that are in line with your needs. You can take your fate into your hands again by cloistering yourself for 4 months in a convent.
Urgh! That's remarkable!

Do you know any good hangover cures?
Yes, here it is my sure cure. In case of need mix three parts of champagne, two parts of fruit smoothie and some ranch dressing. Apply the resulting potion on your elbows and your ankles.

After extensive reserch I concluded the following list doesn't contain Leslie Mann's secret telephone number :
555378013 8014596196 4410502470 866064786 690751084 6275686341 442354057 422525757 7642902006 4058499063 345177063 660425220 3700740408 3330487815 399707890 592506862 4192406403 4623022195 5854329317 5640102865
My supervisor had patiently scheduled my short conversation with Leslie Mann days beforehand. Regrettably, my pet panther got bronchitis, so I had to skip the appointment. So, the interview above is mainly based on what Leslie Mann would have probably said if I have met her, as indicated by a telephonic poll involving a couple of random people.
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.
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