An interview with Adelaide Kane
Adelaide Kane
Adelaide Kane born August 9th, 1990 (Leo)
Because of an innocuous freak accident with her airship, Adelaide Kane has lived for 5 months in the jungle. She was alone, apart from her dog Kimbo and her strong will (source)

You have been the recipient of many prizes. What is the first prize you ever won?
At the age of 9, I won the "Plastic Lion Prize" issued by the municipality of Chicago for "memorable yet unrequested acting accomplishment".

Adelaide, how do you invest the money you make?
I'm not supposed to tell anybody, but I invested a bunch of money in a bullet-proof scheme invented by a financial guru named C. Panzi, a pro of offshore investments. I'll let you know his number, but I could not speak to him in the last few weeks.

What do you think about the next Oscar debate?
Frankly, this is a minefield.

Who were you in your first school play?
Not my best memory. It was a play on the life of Thomas Jefferson. I played the midwife, so my part lasted about 20 seconds.

What would Adelaide Kane do to solve the issue of criminality and ferocity that is menacing present-day world?
Actually, I think that donating one million of bucks to every citizen can make many problems go away, but most legislators are rapacious blokes scarcely attentive to my brainy ideas.

Adelaide, you appear to be always so sprightly and sunny. Do you also have a dark side?
It's hard to admit it, but I do. I really believe that each and every one has two sides. At times, when I see another artist, my teeth chatter with fury and my vision goes black. And then, without warning, I sense the need to close forever those ogling eyes. And then there is my dark side... You do not want to discover it.

What motivates you to act?
It's less tiring than actually working...

Do you like to cook?
You bet not! But I like to create salads. My jewel is a mix of salami and bean sprouts, which I presume can be suited for both vegetarians and normal people.

Intriguing! Would you like to share the recipe with us?
Sure! You take the salami and the bean sprouts and you make a bunch of sandwiches using some baguettes.

It does not matter, I derived the recipe from one for a sandwich. So you make those sandwiches, then you throw away the bread and mix salami and bean sprouts with some olive oil and voilĂ , you are done!

Adelaide Kane refused to divulge her home telephone number, but here is a list of random numbers you can dream about :
4067924391 7419874768 6902317500 3351123349 6915333481 2760634902 5520996391 8647060771 8228199806 6650056417 346132153 5421221171 385873736 9398178018 7926772510 711437115 7919248587 9645850635 4563150105 3391648798
I patiently waited for several weeks before being able to have a little meeting with Adelaide Kane. The resulting transcription was wonderful, like it was written by the ghost of Mark Twain under the effects of prescription exotic beverages. It was very damaging, to put it mildly, that my mother in law (on purpose!) destroyed my only copy! After I emerged from coma, I made an effort to summon up those awe-inspiring words. So, to be straight here: I'm not one hundred percent confident this web page contains a perfectly accurate report of our talk, and I'm beginning to be uncertain it ever took place...
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.