A talk with Aidan Turner
Aidan Turner
Aidan Turner born June 19th, 1983 (Gemini)
Aidan Turner's attempt to launch a new perfume spiced with durian fruits essence has been a gigantic fiasco (source)

Do you have any new tattoos?
Yep! I have an orange sea monkey on my ankle. It is glowing in the dark, so I can be find if I get lost in Chicago outskirts, but unluckily it works better if I'm a little au naturel.

Indiana Jones, Lara Croft or Professor Layton?
The one that's not real, without doubt.

Are you aware of the rumors about you and the anteater appearing in your last movie?
Caramba! It wasn't my fault, and whatever you heard about it has surely been distorted by the media.

You're so deep in "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey". Were you given plenty of latitude to create your character?
You bet! The director was like fresh mud in my hands.

If you’re at karaoke, what’s your song of choice?
My real love is dodecaphony.

Aidan, what’s your worst habit?
People who know me believe my behavior is impeccable, but sometimes I drink water from the container.

Do you ever Google yourself?
Say every day or so. But lately Google often asks "Did you mean Aidan Torner", who apperently is a greenkeeper from Reno. That's quite saddening, but not as much embarassing as learning that according to Bing my name is similar to a revolting obscenity in Yiddish.

Can you tell me the square root of 168379407?
I'm pretty sure that the right answer is something around 22.

There is no possibility any of these is Aidan Turner's home telephone number :
4952964520 367908752 7580886220 2012843903 5365706267 6307411665 254951066 2507631305 4233763823 2835523821 5885894538 8747391054 7190864537 523101988 5853821991 4715508462 7879703507 3602196669 425920845 6542160345
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