An interview with Alan Cumming
Alan Cumming
Alan Cumming born January 27th, 1965 (Aquarius)
And now, just because it's nice, a sweet picture of a cat (pixabay photo)

Do you know the "word association" game? I say a concept and you answer with another word. I begin with :
Q: cat.

Alan : milk

Q: gift
Alan : whole

Q: fans
Alan : stalkers

Maybe another time, right?
Do you have any superpower?

Not a big deal! I can hear colors.

What's the most uncanny nightmare you’ve ever had?
Not actually a dream: I found myself alone in an empty dim space. A vicios stench lingering in the air. Then I remembered I got wasted at a screening of "Jonah Hex" in a drab drive-in near Memphis.

Have you ever participated in a séance?
Yep, just once. It was an extremely excruciating experience. Suddenly, the ghost of Lao-Tzu manifested and established that I'm probably the reincarnation of a Rene Descartes' cousin.

Do you ever Google yourself?
Say every day or so. But lately Google says "Including results for Alan Camming", who happens to be a marketing specialist from Fresno. That's quite distressing, but not as much worrisome as discovering that for Yahoo my name is similar to a shocking obscenity in Japanese.

And now a bunch of numbers which are not Alan Cumming's home telephone number :
9231055228 4885220131 4217289626 2051752565 325415801 3835980728 6457439334 7100421009 7192847346 3858883659 9049818033 995311377 4773693798 6349348640 6308543825 6278909819 5922188455 3407632448 2864083808 6762913811
Let's face it, celebrities are frantic people. It's difficult for them to schedule an interview. So we decided to leave Alan Cumming totally alone and to obtain the interview above without his help. Therefore, this web page is an an extrasensorial transcription we obtained via a certified mentalist.
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