An interview with Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried born December 3rd, 1985 (Sagittarius)
In her recondite vault Amanda Seyfried is daringly looking for a cure for myopia in prairie dogs (pixabay photo)

What motivates you to act?
As Nero Wolfe said, "An actor can practice anywhere any time with anybody, and most of them do."

How popular do you think you are, on a scale of one to ten?
I'm not sure. I think I'm a four in Tibet, but a six in Reno.

Does your secretary use an alias when he makes reservation for, say, a hotel suite? You know, to protect your privacy and to excape fans and paparazzi
Sure! I'll go to any length to steer clear of those troublemakers. We generally adopt the moniker "Amanda Siyfried".

What have you got in your pocket?
Because this interview is a figment of your naughty imagination, I'm probably totally undressed, so no pockets at all.

Could you suggest a remedy for hay fever?
In case of hay fever, mix two parts of red wine, one part of mineral water and some lemon juice in the skull of a panther, then apply this concoction on your legs and your elbows.

Amanda, you are always fit as a fiddle. Which is your secret?
I have invented the Blue Diet: in the month of August I eat nothing but blue foods, like blueberries, blue Smarties, blue crabs and my special Smurf meat pie.

Can we play the "word association" game? I say a concept and you say quickly the first word that comes to mind. Let me start with :
Q: orange.

Amanda : juggler

Q: whole
Amanda : Milwaukee

Q: crowd
Amanda : poison

You really know how to play...

Almost surely none of the following numbers are Amanda Seyfried's secret telephone number :
833640720 691049250 421469508 5983950185 6201439933 702946431 634290953 9301692556 953600277 5954683761 6051249418 6670989185 9585632727 2073120653 2193850501 4296381357 8505878383 2155263967 8864384103 9252888641
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