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A conversation with Ann-Margret
Ann-Margret born April 28th, 1941 (Taurus)
Ann-Margret's main diversion is the construction of rubber band balls (source)

Do you have any scar?
I have a tiny earthworm shaped scar on my left arm, a memory of my unpleasant clash with a raving panther.

Ann-Margret, you seem to be always so sunny and positive. Do you also have a dark side?
I do. I believe that each person has a dark side. Sometimes, when I see a colleague actress, I shake with hatred and irritation darkens my heart. And all of a sudden, I fight an impulse to seal those gazing eyes for good. That is my amiable side... I let you discover, if you want, how my dark side is.

Could you tell us what's your earliest memory?
I have a somehow fuzzy and strange remembrance. A man is waiting on a very linear, long road in the flat countryside, cornfields in every direction. Without warning, an apparently innocent crop-spraying biplane starts swooping down, flying very low and the passenger fires a machine-gun to the man. Since there is no place to hide, he runs among corn.

Actually it seems to me this is a well known scene from the movie "North by Northwest".
Holy moly! You may be right. Yesterday I dozed in front of the dvd player.

Is there a deep moral behind "Tommy"?
Yes, that a doctor a day keeps the jim-jams away.

Ann-Margret, should you give up acting, which occupation would you like to pick up?
Probably that of ostrich breeder, since I already have quite an experience in that field.

If you’re at karaoke, what’s your song of choice?
My ideal karaoke song for any occasion is "Superstar" by Jamelia.

What is your take of the current Oscar shitstorm?
Frankly, this has always been a minefield.

I will not deceive you by falsely stating that Ann-Margret's private telephone number is listed here :
9374426569 6169764950 6589370567 2788847100 8432343551 306967693 3722541810 6235234680 334277092 587574115 2198159288 6934177431 9499225638 3115250364 9293674536 341922521 4341714925 295790159 505887057 5961428350
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