A conversation with Anna Camp
Anna Camp
Anna Camp born September 27th, 1982 (Libra)
In her hidden grotto Anna Camp is frenziedly searching a way to turn industrial sewage into tofu (pixabay photo)

Can you tell me the square root of 590293677?
I will not dignify you with an anwser, not even a wrong one.

What do you think about the international situation?
It's hard to realized it when you spend your days between cushions, but on our bitter planet there are countries where it is impossible to find even an almost passable cheeseburger with or without mayo.

Can you share with us a memory of your role in "The Help"?
Applesauce! All the leading characters were gnawing garlic flavored candy bars all day long.

Who are your heroes?
Thomas Jefferson, Homer Simpson, and myself.

What motivates you to act?
I hear a voice that motivates me. His name is Peter. Peter says you are a loser.

Can you confirm the noise about your participation in the shady crisis of Abominable Snowman pictures?
Nonsense! I believe you have a startling desire to take a dirt nap. Capisce? And, you know, I have a friend who has a friend that for $1000,... Oh, forget it! You don't like spoilers, don't ya?

Do you ever Google yourself?
Not so often. Say every three hours. But lately Google often asks "Did you mean Anna Comp", who happens to be a former musical instrument repairer from Las Vegas. That's quite saddening, but not as much heartbreaking as learning that for Yahoo my name is similar to a terrible insult in Bulgarian.

Do you have any superpower?
This a secret! I can use two voices at once (one not mine).

Anna Camp refused to divulge her secret telephone number, but here is a list of random numbers you can dream about :
4262139074 9588961749 632832795 7848010600 2129036034 3939905020 275510339 8353163753 8221561442 5757096263 2484368606 753853677 3775896588 4094768482 8720347908 9135225841 8447838592 8245746919 2127809419 2543870785
Clearly, actors are busy people. It's difficult for them to find the time for an interview. So we decided to leave Anna Camp totally alone and to obtain the interview above without disturbing her. Hence, this web page is an a psychic transcription we obtained via a reliable mentalist.
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.