A conversation with Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway born November 12th, 1982 (Scorpio)
The usual attire of her fans (pixabay photo)

What would you like to do right now?
Walk away unarmed.

Anne, have you made plans for the New Year?
One of my most firm new year resolutions is to obtain soon a special license for navigating my submarine.

Are you allergic to anything?
Naturally! I'm allergic to the color pink, hares, and hydrogen peroxide.

Do you know the "word association" game? I say a word and you say the first word that comes to mind. I begin with :
Q: house.

Anne : noise

Q: cake
Anne : evil

Q: enemies
Anne : vermin

I think we had fun enough...
If you could choose someone to reincarnate in, who would it be?


With all due respect, you know that that's not a real person, don't you?
WITHOUT all due respect it IS real, I saw it on tv.

Here is a list of numbers I have already excluded from being Anne Hathaway's home telephone number :
5467786553 6647611641 2944157881 4556330478 9583717126 8074812634 7167865921 7461079910 7668322428 4757929081 4589139221 7233987937 447578410 6774330988 7919104088 2768708014 834286037 5750796711 8093570321 439274745
Clearly, celebrities are very frantic people. It's not easy for them to schedule an interview. So we decided to leave Anne Hathaway peacefully alone and obtain the interview above without disturbing her. Thus, this web page is an a psychic transcription we obtained thanks to a telepath from Austin.
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