A talk with Ashley Rickards
Ashley Rickards
Ashley Rickards born May 4th, 1992 (Taurus)
Ashley Rickards' attempt to launch her perfume for woman scented with fish liver essence has been an inevitable bust (pixabay photo)

Ashley, you have been seen in a compromising location with a star whose name or gender I've not the permission to announce. Any comment?
I deny any such "situation", expecially one with W.E..

I may have a picture.
You know, I think the photo is just an impression...

An impression? I do not understand.
You know, just an impression. Like when you got the impression just everything is totally cool in your life and then without a motive your house is stormed by the police looking for some naughty material somebody has hidden there. Are we clear now?

I was joking, there is absolutely no photo...
Which is the most blush-making DVD in your collection?

My my! Apart from "From Justin to Kelly", I fear it is "Mr. Woodcock" or "Seven Pounds".

Should you give up acting, which occupation would you like to choose?
Almost surely that of Smarties color sorter. I already have some experience in that field.

A fictional character you recognize as an inspiration?
As a poll suggests, Ludwig van Beethoven, because of our innate coolness. In my imagination we both enjoy the company of cute squirrels.

In a paper printed on Bulgarian Criminal Quarterly, prof. Douglas Scott has observed that your movies are "a perfect prototype of modern contextual emotivism". Any comment?
Yes, I think that in his essay appeared on Russian Journal of Transcendental Zoroastrianism, dr. James D. Gonzalez completely disproved that superficial observation.

I will not deceive you by falsely stating that Ashley Rickards' home telephone number is listed here :
4847692203 2912830480 3431401460 719206869 9753211659 8557905950 8411335204 3902153545 744181714 4431163729 8309606736 740471240 8627227718 9545816625 3902341065 4089633020 4700537837 5389931588 7702321217 3400449377
My chief had patiently set up my brief meeting with Ashley Rickards many days beforehand. Unfortunately, I fall asleep watching a rerun of "Envy". So, the transcript above is mainly the recollection of a nightmare that ensued after a large dinner of cabbage stew and liver sausages.
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