A talk with Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne born September 27th, 1984 (Libra)
After her fans insistence, Avril Lavigne will platonically sleep in a bunk bed with a supporter one night every two weeks. The proceeds ($1,100/night) will be donated to a foundation for the cure of stomach flu in cows (source)

Avril, do you like sheep?
Go get a cat!

For which reason you do not like sheep, if I may ask?
Actually, they stink! And one sheep bite my uncle's leg. That was one of the motives I decided to become a singer, so I should reconsider my position on sheep.

Could you suggest a remedy for hangovers?
Yes, in case of need mix three parts of brandy, one part of mineral water and some balsamic vinegar. Gargle with the resulting concoction every 20 minutes for at least 2 hours.

When your are not on tour, which is your preferred pastime?
I think that collecting and trading dummies is quite relaxing.

Do you use a pseudonym when you make reservation for, say, a limo? You know, to protect your privacy and to duck journalists and admirers
You bet! We'll do whatever is necessary to ditch those nuisances. I usually adopt the moniker "Avril Lyvigne".

Avril, where will you go on your next vacation?
For next summer I rented an exclusive castle on the secretive hills of Carpathia. The only complication was finding a way to make a payment in bitcoins to the easygoing property owner from Russia that contacted me about affair.

Your zodiac sign is Libra. Are you a typical Libra?
I guess so! I'm a little irritable, somehow torpid, tenacious and patient. My friends say that I'm also a bit contradictory but that I think it is normal in artists.

If you could choose a someone to reincarnate in, who would it be?
Surely Homer Simpson.

Almost surely none of the following numbers are Avril Lavigne's home telephone number :
6041663032 764491815 464108846 3694856114 5089620227 587707762 2579637820 9548245430 9183272987 5087222876 2043304698 7003414494 7537767293 7875112835 404035954 4277875902 6083095914 5154687346 5355054362 8634320458
To be sincere, my director had patiently lined up my hurried talk with Avril Lavigne weeks beforehand. Unfortunately, my pet koala got allergy, so I had to skip the exchange. So, the transcript above is mainly based on what Avril Lavigne would have probably answered if I have met her, as indicated by a statistics involving a couple of random people.
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.