An interview with Björk
Björk born November 21st, 1965 (Scorpio)
In her will, Björk has provided that her ashes should be scattered on the Moon, possibly by hand. (source)

What happen if you play your song "Human Behaviour" backward?
Earth may disintegrate.

Have you ever participated in a séance?
Yep, just once. It was a very excruciating experience. Suddenly, the spirit of Henry Ford appeared and confirmed that almost surely I'm the reincarnation of a Goethe's homonym.

Do you like to cook?
Oh no! But I like to invent salads. My most cherished one is a mix of bacon and quinoa, which I think can be fine for both vegs and normal people.

Would you like to share the recipe?
By all means! You take the bacon and the quinoa and you make a bunch of sandwiches using some French rolls.

French rolls?
It does not matter, I obtained the recipe from one for a sandwich. So you make those sandwiches, then you throw away the bread and mix bacon and quinoa with some pickles and you are done!

Could you suggest a remedy for headache?
All right! Here it is my sure good medicine for headache. Mix three parts of vodka, one part of tea and some sesame oil. Apply the resulting elixir on your legs and your wrists.

Björk, are you superstitious?
May so! I have to paint my big toe in gray right before an important event. Obviously not today.

How would you illustrate your songs to somebody who'd never heard it before?
Well, I've heard there are one or two such dudes in Nepal or in the Patagonian desert. I would say that my music is like a fragrant raspberry muffin with a surprising filling made of gasoline.

Here is a list of numbers I have already excluded from being Björk's secret telephone number :
8524565025 483717702 3878990505 9749785511 854004768 2371738120 575450749 902913127 9553498356 359392179 4986723407 9361236045 240636875 5436044379 3633849829 4699297306 701114056 3102678065 937695878 525020666
I arranged a short appointment with Björk days beforehand. The resulting transcription was fantastic, like "Eat, Pray, Love" rewritten by Doctor Who. It was awfully unlucky that my armadillo by accident (I assume) shredded my only copy! After I regained consciousness, I made an effort to recapture those excellent words. Actually, to be aboveboard, I'm not one hundred percent confident this web page is an absolutely truthful account of our exchange, and thus I'm beginning to question whether it ever took place...
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.