A conversation with Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz born August 30th, 1972 (Virgo)
According to some dissidents Vladimir Putin is a great fan of Cameron Diaz. He has invited her for a 2 months stay in his Russian home. (source)

Present-day society seems exposed to violence and criminality. What would Cameron Diaz do?
I think we can learn to face criminality from past movies, like "Brazil" and "Equilibrium".

Could you improvise a song for us.
You bet your boots! Here it is

Everthing you took away
You took away the respect,
you took the emotions away from me.
A scarf, a pen lost in a drawer
the only sings of you.
You took away all that I had,
everything I care you took away,
so how come your cousin is here to stay?

Who are your heroes?
Arthur (the underestimated cousin of Charles I of England), Gandalf, and myself.

Should you give up acting, which kind of career would you like to choose?
Almost surely that of beekeeper. I already have some experience in that field.

Cameron, you are also well known for your strange demands when staying in hotels. Can you explain us why and maybe make an example of something you usually ask?
Everybody should learn that Cameron needs what Cameron needs, and she generally gets it. Whether it's Belarusian roses or chloroform-infused chamomile-tea bags.

Could you suggest a remedy for common cold?
In case of common cold, mix three parts of scotch, two parts of mineral water and some black vinegar. Put this potion on your tongue and your forehead.

What’s the best sound in the world?
Probably it is the comforting rustle of a roll of new banknotes caressing each other. But please, write instead something more suitable for publication, say, "the calming purr of a satisfied kitten" or "the contagious giggle of a light-hearted kid ".

Do you have any birthmark?
Positively! I have a tiny scorpion shaped birthmark on my left thigh. Probably my mother did unintentionally eat a scorpion while she was expecting me.

After extensive reserch I concluded the following list doesn't contain Cameron Diaz's secret telephone number :
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