A talk with Candace Cameron Bure
Candace Cameron Bure
Candace Cameron Bure born April 6th, 1976 (Aries)
The blissful aspect of fans who have crossed paths with Candace Cameron Bure (pixabay photo)

You have been seen in a particular position with a vip whose name or gender I've not the authorization to make public. Do you care to comment?
I deny any "situation", expecially one with C.W..

I may have a photograph.
You know, the photo is surely just an accident...

An accident? I do not understand.
You know, accidents occur. Like when you accidentally take a double exposure. Or, for example, your office may be "accidentally" stormed by the FBI looking for some verboten material a dude may have "accidentally" hidden there. Do you understand now?

I think I've lost that picture anyway...
Is there a deep moral behind your "Some Kind of Wonderful"?

You betcha! That Rome wasn’t built in a day - or something like that.

Do people yell your name and applaud everywhere you go?
Applesauce! I'm like a medicine, a legit one, for the mass. I'm universal: I'm popular among prominent NASA scientists and obscure bookkeepers in the same way. It's nice to hear that there are 14 parks with my statue in two different countries, not counting Botswana and Robonia, which I'm not sure are actually countries.

Candace, which is your favorite fruit?
I call it "Candace's wonder". In the middle of one of my famed wanderings in the Amazon basin, I discovered an inconspicuous new plant, now named Eremocyphea glandulosa, that blooms only every 10 years. It then gives fruits whose taste reminds of lemons and turpentine. You have to be extremely rich even to unlike it...

If I may ask, how do you invest the considerable fortune you make acting?
I can tell this: when disposable cameras will be popular again I will be richer.

Almost surely none of the following numbers are Candace Cameron Bure's secret telephone number :
6037865388 7595055684 4460027516 608860382 548578423 7655185476 7356439538 590247861 384180170 5130860678 5202769471 6136998613 2971873885 7688107726 6043848362 5405799059 286090061 564905948 9017555222 5129076523
My short interview with Candace Cameron Bure has been patiently planned for weeks. The resulting article was mind-blowing, like it was written by the ghost of Virginia Wolf under the effects of prescription drugs. Thus, it was disastrous, to put it mildly, that my uncle Albert set my only copy on fire! After I left the padded cell, I made an effort to recapture those awesome words. To be straight here: I'm not one hundred percent sure this web page is an absolutely truly report of what transpired during our appointment, and thus I'm starting to ask myself if it ever happened...
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.