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An interview with Carly Simon
Carly Simon
Carly Simon born June 25th, 1945 (Cancer)
To reinforce her spirit, Carly Simon often sleeps on a mattress made of rough sandpaper and rusty barbed wire profusely showered with chili (source)

Do you have any birthmark?
All right! I have a little bullet shaped birthmark on my right shoulder. Probably my father did accidentally eat a bullet while my mother was expecting me.

Do you know Barbara Price (a former solicitor, now a dressmaker) from Hialeah?
Not personally, but my cousin has been betrothed to her for 5 weeks. Then there was a public embarrassment about some unconventional photos sent by phone to the wrong people, so their engagement came to a quick end.

How would you describe your music to somebody who'd never experienced it before?
It is hard to imagine there is such an unfortunate fellow! As I'm used to say, my songs are like a delicious dark chocolate cupcake with an astounding heart made of glitter.

When you were a little girl, did you see yourself as a professional singer?
Sadly no, and I still dream that, one day, snails will rule the earth without the need for secrecy.

Apart from singing, is there one thing you do exceptionally well?
Well, I do a great impression of a fox, mostly for kids or everybody willing to disburse mucho dinero to see the performance.

What have you got in your pocket?
I got a pyramid of banknotes in my pockets. You can watch them, you can ever caress them, but they are mine, all mine. My preciouss roll of banknotes...

If you could choose a someone to reincarnate in, who would it be?
It's a no-brainer: Louis Pasteur.

Carly, what do you think of global warming?
I've expressed my thoughts in an article to be published on Asian Transactions on Symbolic Cognitivism.

Almost surely none of the following numbers are Carly Simon's secret telephone number :
844695816 913629630 967006735 6688738346 9372383425 6442561792 4565204355 3446575056 2862499595 4585125511 351871033 4625496299 4513066805 7422147169 9000664497 310830920 4561872817 614141780 2794710779 6958432626
To be frank, my boss had patiently lined up my brief rendezvous with Carly Simon days beforehand. Unfortunately, my pet anteater got hypermetropia, so I had to skip the rendezvous. So, this web page is mainly the recollection of a nightmare I had following a dinner of beans and deep-fried eggplants.
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.