An interview with Carole King
Carole King
Carole King born February 9th, 1942 (Aquarius)
The euphoric aspect of fans who have met Carole King (pixabay photo)

Do you have any birthmark?
Actually, I do. I have a tiny sea monkey shaped birthmark on my right calf. Probably my father did accidentally eat a sea monkey while my mother was expecting me.

Indiana Jones, Lara Croft or Professor Layton?
Are these the only archaeologists you know?

If you’re at karaoke, what’s your song of choice?
My real love is dodecaphony.

Is there something you would like to do right now?
Yes! Take a bath to dismiss the stench of born loser you send forth.

Which is your favorite movie?
Surely "Parting Shots". I think that Diana Rigg's character was simply perfect.

Carole, have you made plans for the New Year?
Well, there have been some incomprehensions with my agent, the simplest way out is changing my name, so next year I will be compelled to use the name "Carole Kyng".

How would you illustrate your songs to somebody who'd never heard it?
Well, pilgrims sometimes narrate that there are one or two such chaps on the Himalaya mountains or in the Bolivian rainforest. I would say that my music is like a luscious apricot cake with a surprising inner core made of spiced tofu.

If happiness were an animal, what would it be?
In my dreams it is a coyote. A big, fat, placid coyote, sated and dozy in the shade of a large tree.

And now a bunch of numbers which are not Carole King's private telephone number :
869447879 7826028741 3740006872 9176476994 897047783 388145368 9558139131 4515884724 2698818817 9914083978 8041499494 7422072107 243124017 9306164773 2561307042 2274159552 5065552591 863608822 8497948433 2686021334
To be honest, my chief had patiently lined up my meeting with Carole King many days beforehand. Unfortunately, I decided I had better things to do, like collecting pencil erasers or grooming my pet tiger. So, the interview above is mainly the recollection of a dream I had after a copious dinner of deep-fried eggplants and liver pâté.
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.