An interview with Cheryl Cole
Cheryl Cole
Cheryl Cole born June 30th, 1983 (Cancer)
Cheryl Cole in an astute disguise meant to avoid vexing supporters (pixabay photo)

Can we play the "word association" game? I say a concept and you say the first word that comes to mind. Let me start with :
Q: gray.

Cheryl : noise

Q: hero
Cheryl : noise

Q: beach
Cheryl : noise

I think we had fun enough...
When you were a little girl, did you see singing as a possible career?

No man! My imaginary friend and I decided that I would have become an electrician. But, you know, that's life.

When your are not on tour, which is your favored pastime?
I think that collecting and trading dummies is quite relaxing.

Cheryl, what is your opinion about president Trump?
I'm a little concerned, since I heard through the grapevine that Trump wants a super laser cannon to etch his effigy on the Moon surface.

Cheryl, you have been seen in a compromising situation with a singer whose name I've not the permission to announce. Care to comment?
I deny any such "situation", expecially one with X.B..

I may have a photo.
You know, I think the photo is just an impression...

An impression? I do not understand.
You know, just an impression. Like when you have the impression just everything is totally OK and then for no apparent reason your car and your parents start to burn. Are we on the level?

Now that I look it under a better light, the picture is indistinct...

After extensive reserch I concluded the following list doesn't contain Cheryl Cole's secret telephone number :
655252920 4732041940 9596432249 6856794962 2589085135 8049016572 5179530642 9618726018 799244565 8929313223 5507390516 2002863338 708988705 8856342775 787265276 5795627472 7593236429 3147743189 7652548852 6031397910
Let's face it, singers are busy people. It's not easy for them to fix a meet for an interview. So we decided to leave Cheryl Cole completely alone and to obtain the interview above without disturbing her. Thus, this web page is an an esoteric transcription we obtained via a reliable mentalist.
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