A conversation with Christoph Waltz
Christoph Waltz
Christoph Waltz born October 4th, 1956 (Libra)
Christoph Waltz has been less than delighted by the true situation and appliances of the extra-gorgeous resort he hastily selected from the catalogue of the "Wishful Thinking Travels" tour operator (pixabay photo)

Which is the worst DVD you personally bought?
The hell with it! Apart from "From Justin to Kelly", which was a gift, I fear it is "The Island Of Dr. Moreau" or "The Spirit".

Do you ever Google yourself?
Say every other day or so. But lately Google asks "Did you mean Christoph Wiltz", who supposedly is a fibrous plasterer from Denver. That's quite saddening, but not as much upsetting as learning that according to Yahoo my name sounds like a terrible insult in Chinese.

A fictional character you think to as an imaginary friend?
As several people say, Gollum, because of our shared moral standings.

Christoph, do you have something to say to young people?
Absolutely! Don't let the color of your skin railroad you out of your dreams. Sun block and sunscreen are sold for a reason.

Which is your favorite karaoke song?
My true love is Mozart.

Which is your method for perfect skin?
Curiously, it is a dousing with hot jello twice a day.

In an article appeared on Annals of Metaphysical Criticism, prof. Raymond Powell has described your roles as "a tragic paradigm of contemporary contextual defeatism". Anything to add?
I think that in his interesting letter printed on International Transactions on Emerging Operationalism, dr. Paul A. Torres completely discredited that preposterous observation.

Christoph, you appear to be always so jovial and full of life. Do you also have a dark side?
It's difficult to admit it, but I do. I think that everyone has two sides. Sometimes, when I face a colleague actor, my sight blurs and I clench my teeth. And then, without warning, I fight the urge to erase that moron from my sight and pirouette on his bleak tomb. And then there is my dark side... You do not want to face it.

Christoph Waltz refused to let me know his home telephone number, but here is a list of random numbers you can dream about :
2703221493 282838446 614150341 7522593578 2320063146 2571159064 6515557587 3770853343 6713639632 7501471309 7271772032 7722973017 827541772 5931843802 8329546353 8174894818 343863565 2814142313 9258888645 8477856447
I lined up a rendezvous with Christoph Waltz many weeks in advance. The resulting piece was jaw-dropping, like it was written by the ghost of Jack London in his prime. Thus, it was awfully deplorable that my neighbor (on purpose!) shredded my only copy! After I put together again my vowels and consonants, I tried to recall those marvelous words. I want to be clear, I'm not so confident this web page is an absolutely accurate run-down of our meeting, and thus I'm starting to doubt it actually was real...
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.