An interview with Clark Gregg
Clark Gregg
Clark Gregg born April 2nd, 1962 (Aries)
Deesino, the beloved pet crab of Clark Gregg, also doubles as a healthy appetizer in case of food scarcity after a natural disaster (pixabay photo)

A well-known person you recognize as an inspiration?
Probably Elvis Presley, because of our innate curiosity.

Can we play the "word association" game? I tell you a concept and you answer with the first word that comes to mind. Let's start with :
Q: green.

Clark : word

Q: courage
Clark : word

Q: people
Clark : word

We are going nowhere fast...
What do you think about president Trump?

You are a little devilish, but I assured my mom I would not swear openly anymore, so I'd pretend I did not understand the question.

Could you authenticate the noise about your involvement in the shady incident of mermaid DNA samples?
Tut-tut! I think you have a foolish desire to never need to shave again, if you understand what I mean. And, you know, I have a friend who knows a guy that for $3000,... Oh, forget it! You like surprises, don't ya?

Our world seems prone to criminality and ferocity. What would Clark Gregg do?
I think we can learn to face criminality from past movies, like "Minority Report" and "Equilibrium".

I will not deceive you by falsely stating that Clark Gregg's secret telephone number is listed here :
3260964658 6012615128 585893028 8224190607 9541578392 836005963 999386153 5308943060 935143902 5588839724 7185771084 3555874161 4687688377 592122060 937658645 6501989927 506561973 4046245119 2015679528 9455932845
Clearly, actors are very busy people. It's difficult for them to fix a meeting for an interview. So we decided to leave Clark Gregg totally alone and obtain the interview above without his help. Hence, this web page is an a cybernetic transcription we obtained via a computer simulation of Clark.
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.