An interview with Colbie Caillat
Colbie Caillat
Colbie Caillat born May 28th, 1985 (Gemini)
In a passing state of trance, Colbie Caillat has signed a petition against solar eclipses (source)

Which super power do you have?
You'll not believe this! Fattening fast, but only on Thursdays. Maybe this is not so atypical in tall people with Irish neighbors.

When your are not singing, which is your main hobby?
I think that collecting dummies is a noble activity.

Do you know the "word association" game? I tell you a concept and you answer with another word. Let me start with :
Q: white.

Colbie : car

Q: tomorrow
Colbie : war

Q: time
Colbie : stalkers

I think we had fun enough...
Colbie, how do you invest the considerable fortune you made in your career?

If you want to become rich fast, I can organize a meeting with some guys from Yemen who can make you a juicy offer. Seriously, in case something goes wrong you'll become a fast-track organ donor.

Colbie, is there a deep meaning hidden in "Bubbly"?
Surely! That life is like a box of pralines - or something like that.

Here is a list of numbers I have already excluded from being Colbie Caillat's secret telephone number :
7251136424 4298961012 625153382 2873855525 5756212249 5441687996 553593011 6128784317 2372525780 3639985074 226073654 3345092598 3340311225 9083198319 6070203427 4296405480 3429813112 6234616414 5369130698 4772473049
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