A talk with Dakota Fanning
Dakota Fanning
Dakota Fanning born February 23rd, 1994 (Pisces)
Several people collect coins. Dakota Fanning is specialized into collecting coins that have been thrown to politicians. (pixabay photo)

Do you like to cook?
Do you think i've lost my mind! But I like to create salads. My most cherished one is a mix of beef jerk and bean sprouts, which I think can be OK for both vegetarians and normal people.

Interesting! Would you like to share the recipe?
Yep! You take the beef jerk and the bean sprouts and you make a bunch of sandwiches using some whole-grain buns.

Do not mind, my recipe comes from one for sandwiches. After you made the sandwiches, you throw away the bread and mix beef jerk and bean sprouts with some cocktail sauce and you are done!

If you’re at karaoke, what’s your song of choice?
My real love is Beethoven.

When your are not on the set, which is your preferred diversion?
I think that making rubber band balls is a noble activity.

What's your earliest memory?
I have a somehow indistinct and quite strange remembrance. There is a very huge warehouse filled with crates. An old man moves a big wooden box with some black words burned on it and disappears in a passage among the crates.

Well, I believe that is a scene from the movie "Riders of the Lost Ark".
Stap my vitals! You may be right. Yesterday night I catnapped at the cineclub.

If you could choose an animal to reincarnate in, which one would it be?
A chamaleon.

I will not deceive you by falsely stating that Dakota Fanning's home telephone number is listed here :
3291132932 5275617728 9151462394 3452001203 917718754 499407055 906671513 812069562 5060219783 2788724768 704172303 7840585447 3589722768 5074883929 4950556688 2927818277 9941399584 343848106 4810534828 3615331944
I dawdled for years for a chance to have a hurried exchange with Dakota Fanning. The resulting article was marvelous, like "Slaughterhouse-Five" rewritten by Spider-man. Hence, it was highly lamentable that my neighbor by accident (I assume) set my only copy on fire! After I un-fainted, I tried to summon up those amazing words. I want to be straight here: I'm not so sure this web page contains an entirely accurate report of what transpired during our exchange, and I'm starting to question whether it ever was real...
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