An interview with Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig born March 2nd, 1968 (Pisces)
After his fans insistence, Daniel Craig will platonically sleep in a bunk bed with a devotee one night a week. The profits ($900/night) will go to an organization for the cure of sciatica in kangaroos (source)

What do you have in your pockets?
Argh! A tricky question. Since this interview is a fantasy of your lascivious imagination, I'm totally au naturel, so no pockets at all.

When you were a little boy, did you see acting as a possible profession?
Yup! Even though it actually was my second choice. First one was pope. Or maybe electrician, I could never decide.

According to some witnesses, you have been in an embarassing situation with a star whose name I'm not at liberty to bring out in the open. Do you care to comment?
I deny any such "situation", expecially one with H.O..

I may have a picture.
Well, the photo has surely appeared spontaneously...

Spontaneously? I do not understand.
Yes, probably some wandering photons spontaneously conjured an absolutely random photo in which you erroneously spotted me. For example, given the right conditions, your car or your dear one may "spontaneously" take fire. Are we clear now?

Let's forget about that imaginary photo...
Do you use a pseudonym when you book, say, a flight? You know, to protect your privacy and to evade devotees and stalkers

You bet! We do whatever is necessary to ditch those hooligans. I usually adopt the pseudonym "Daniel Creig".

You have been the recipient of uncountable prizes. Do you remember which is the first prize you ever won?
At the early age of 7, I won the "Silver Sheep Medallion" issued by the municipality of Fresno for "impressive and nonessential stage exhibition".

I will not deceive you by falsely stating that Daniel Craig's home telephone number is listed here :
3527727278 3777719076 8385768557 2589203035 8687092019 6945233852 9448169942 517599770 7728275135 6446967131 9912620233 8362442649 6581462816 3814089297 226988145 6431876128 722208055 457634622 907696767 8862215519
I patiently sat on my bottom for many years for the privilege to have a short interview with Daniel Craig. The resulting piece was fantastic, like "The Great Gatsby" rewritten by Mandrake. Thus, it was highly deplorable, to put it mildly, that my cat (on purpose!) destroyed my only copy! After I punished myself, I made an effort to remember those stunning words. So, to be clear, I'm not really so confident this web page is a completely truthful account of our talk, and thus I'm starting to be uncertain it ever took place...
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.