A conversation with Daniel Day-Lewis
Daniel Day-Lewis
Daniel Day-Lewis born April 29th, 1957 (Taurus)
In his secret cave Daniel Day-Lewis is daringly trying fo find a cure for gastroenteritis in horses (pixabay photo)

Which is your favorite karaoke song?
My true love is Beethoven.

Could you tell us the story of your next movie?
Absolutely! The working title of the film is "Mark, Patricia and Dapita". There are a man and a woman. Patricia and Mark live together in Boston. She is a zookeeper while he is a NSA agent. When Patricia's pet jackal Dapita got pneumonia, they begin a spiritual journey to search for Lotodantedia obscura (a rare shrub which grows in Bosnia only), whose flowers can save Dapita.

Daniel, what is your opinion about the problem of global warming?
I've already expressed my opinion in an article printed on Texan Journal of Structural Ethnology.

Which is your technique for perpetual beauty?
Curiously, it is a soaking into unicorn tears twice a day.

Apart from acting, what one thing do you do exceptionally well?
Well, I can declaim "O Captain! My Captain!" by Walt Whitman "How Soon Hath Time" by John Milton in 5 different languages including Klingonese.

If there was a movie produced about your life, who do you think should play you, and why?
It should be Macaulay Culkin, because we were in the same scout troop (go Webworms!) when our partners were away.

Your zodiac sign is Taurus. Are you a typical Taurus?
Decidedly not! I'm sometimes unfriendly, a bit lazy, flexible and imperturbable. My relatives say that I'm also a bit paradoxical but that I think it is common in artist.

Daniel, are you superstitious?
Absolutely! I use to paint my big toe in white right before a relevant meeting.

After extensive reserch I concluded the following list doesn't contain Daniel Day-Lewis' home telephone number :
4879928844 512729502 2523523587 746008541 4931907443 4949970332 681142431 3007395455 6907633302 806421167 948519167 8250870190 6313338531 970745735 4001926201 9080709445 6293747333 9040813754 4180574635 8775823020
My exchange with Daniel Day-Lewis has been scheduled several months in advance. The resulting interview was awesome, like "The Chronicles of Narnia" rewritten by Catwoman. It was awfully unlucky that my cat (probably on purpose!) set my only copy on fire! After I restored my sobriety, I attempted to recall those stunning words. I want to be aboveboard, I'm not really certain this web page contains an absolutely precise chronicle of what transpired during our meeting, and I'm beginning to question whether it actually was real...
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