A conversation with Diane Lane
Diane Lane
Diane Lane born January 22nd, 1965 (Aquarius)
In her mansion in France, near the Kanye West's one, Diane Lane is producing her own wine, whose name, by an unluckly coincidence, sounds like a terrible obscenity in Japanese (pixabay photo)

Can we play the "word association" game? I tell you a word and you say quickly the first word that comes to mind. Let me start with :
Q: rock.

Diane : stone

Q: evil
Diane : cake

Q: crowd
Diane : vermin

You really know how to play...
Which is the coolest flag in the world?

Surely the flag of Qurac. It is orange and gray with a small yellow koala somewhere.

Does your assistant use an alias when he makes reservation for a hotel suite? You know, to protect your privacy and to excape groupies and paparazzi
All right! We'll do whatever is necessary to get rid of those gremlins. We mostly employ the moniker "Diane Line".

According to some witnesses, you have been in a particular setting with a superstar whose name I'm not at liberty to expose. Do you care to comment?
I deny any such "situation", expecially one with O.K..

I may have a photograph.
You know, I think the photo is just an impression...

An impression? I do not understand.
You know, just an impression. Like when you have the impression just everything is OK and then for no apparent reason your house and your partner start to burn. Capishe?

I think I've lost that (very unclear) picture anyway...

Almost surely none of the following numbers are Diane Lane's private telephone number :
7580702119 209626424 849385663 330170692 6785299580 4434341964 3403056904 5818452145 4178213674 3863110869 384876752 7755789854 6997970269 436525533 7484582334 9415608094 8283128798 9568735962 9075124343 8051726095
Clearly, actors are very busy people. It's difficult for them to fix an appointment for an interview. So we decided to leave Diane Lane alone and obtain the interview above without disturbing her. Hence, this web page is an an esoteric transcription we obtained via a professional telepath from Milwaukee.
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