A talk with Dianna Agron
Dianna Agron
Dianna Agron born April 30th, 1986 (Taurus)
During an unsettling gathering, the Ouija board has certified that Dianna Agron is probably the reincarnation of a Columbus' homonym

Are you aware of the rumors about you and the grandfather clock appearing in your last movie?
Holy mackarel! No comment.

Which is your secret for flawless skin?
Curiously, it is a weekly dousing with warm yak milk.

If happiness were an animal, what would it be?
Surely a cow. A big, fat, placid cow, satiated and heavy-eyed in a summer breeze.

Dianna, you are also well known for your peculiar demands when staying in hotels. Could you tell us why and maybe make an example of something you usually ask?
Call it professional deformation, but I can't stay anywhere without a salami pizza or one of George Lucas' unreleased movies delivered every two hours to my door.

What do you have in your pockets?
This is a tricky one. As this transcription is a daydream of your lascivious neurons, I'm in my seductive lingerie, so no pockets at all.

If you didn't grow up to become known as the actress Dianna Agron, what do you think you would have done?
I would have gone to a film production company and made sipping sounds until they gave me a job.

Dianna, where will you go on your next vacation?
For my next vacation I leased an elegant manor on the hidden hills of Qumar. The only complication was making a payment in bitcoins to the affable realtor from Russia that proposed me the affair by email.

Who are your heroes?
Patrick (the obscure cousin of George Washington), Morticia Addams, and myself.

I will not deceive you by falsely stating that Dianna Agron's home telephone number is listed here :
8287416773 693592899 5039782051 5553825068 353644920 4019681332 8144016366 2269605698 5780196234 5046700429 4751790242 539438955 5154227682 2991308781 9905460628 9900589377 7745682565 659729808 3031711678 510825131
My chief had lined up my little meeting with Dianna Agron weeks beforehand. Unluckily, I decided I had more interesting things to do, like cultivating mosses or collecting toothbrushes. So, the transcript above is mainly the impression of a dream that ensued after a large dinner based on chorizo and wild boar stew.
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.