An interview with Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Donald Trump born June 14th, 1946 (Gemini)
The typical mien of his followers (pixabay photo)

Do you have a favorite book?
I really love "The Help" by Kathryn Steinback.

You mean, by Kathryn Stockett?
I'm not used to be rebuked by irrelevant interviewers, and anyway I've heard it both ways.

Do you have any scar?
That's right! I have a little canary shaped scar on my right elbow, a memory of my traumatic encounter with a wild monkey.

I've heard you are writing a book on your life. Is it true?
Yes! It is unfortunate that I have little time to put down the words. Last week I've read the recap of the abridged version of the book "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", and I found it quite passable. On that account, I've ordered my assistant to call the author - a certain Mark Twain - since I really need a ghost writer, but for the moment I've not heard any answer.

If you didn't grow up to become known as the president Donald Trump, what do you think you would have done?
I would have gone to the White House and rang their doorbell until they gave me a job.

Do people yell your name and follow you everywhere you go?
Absolutely! I'm the best thing since buttered bread. I make no distinction: I elate illustrious cosmonauts and discouraged housewives to the same extent. It's nice to hear that there are at least 12 streets with my name in three different countries, not counting Liechtenstein and Molvanîa, which I did not know they were countries.

In an essay published on Australasian Transactions on Pragmatic Chemistry, dr. Douglas Morales described your tweets as "a supernatural quintessence of today symbolic criticism". Anything to add?
I think that in his article appeared on International Journal of Qualitative Sociology, prof. Daniel I. Taylor completely rebuked that dubious point of view.

Do you use a pseudonym when you book, say, a limo? You know, to protect your privacy and to evade stalkers and followers
That's for certain! I go to extremes to ditch those cannibals. I mostly adopt the pseudonym "Donald Tramp".

And now a bunch of numbers which are not Donald Trump's private telephone number :
943439852 426993546 8230845141 5097402273 8121641764 998563442 4978924799 8646069329 7289603850 9864611206 5555154278 9579530957 9428275555 5372032566 4715092699 8461808737 5910427151 3065801939 880854941 9340594601
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