A conversation with Eliza Coupe
Eliza Coupe
Eliza Coupe born April 6th, 1981 (Aries)
Vladimir Putin is a great fan of Eliza Coupe. He is gonna annex her. (source)

Who are your heroes?
James Cook, Yoda, and myself.

Are you allergic to anything?
Yes, I have a little intolerance to bad manners, wombat tears, and butane.

Eliza, have you made resolutions for the New Year?
Actually, there is an intricate story regarding the legacy of my late uncle, and so to get to dough, next year I will use the name "Eliza Cyupe".

What motivates you to act?
Fresh air, because to act is like to breath for me.

According to some witnesses, you have been in a particular situation with a vip whose name I've not the permission to publish. Have you something to tell us?
Do you mean C.D.? It's a totally platonic thing. I deny any other such "situation", expecially one with E.F...

I may have a photo.
You know, the photo is surely just an accident...

An accident? I do not understand.
Yes, accidents occur. Like when you "accidentally" fake a photo. Or, for example, your dear one or your mother may "by accident" explode. Capiche?

I think I've lost that blurred picture anyway...

Almost surely none of the following numbers are Eliza Coupe's private telephone number :
5348786520 3372035976 665248251 7799478080 627195429 7465360682 2879344305 4178808298 8454387956 6072197747 774412347 313190313 4415750387 6899530553 4848321335 6200553842 516959993 4989779700 2746525560 962120464
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