A conversation with Elizabeth Olsen
Elizabeth Olsen
Elizabeth Olsen born February 16th, 1989 (Aquarius)
In the course of her last scripture, Elizabeth Olsen has got a pernicious addiction to yak milk (source)

Where did you go on your last holiday?
Last month I leased a fashionable castle in a secluded valley of Bahrain. The payment included a drawbridge to preserve my privacy and also a crew of local extras portraying delirious admirers.

I've heard you are writing a book. Would you like to share with us a few details?
The actual details on my forthcoming book will soon be published in another book. What I can divulge here is that it will be my unauthorized autobiography, a long awaited work soon to be released in daily instalments.

Do you do your own shopping?
I'm too busy doing significant things to care about things of little consequence. Actually, I hire a squad of Harward graduates to elaborate my grocery list and e-mail it to a group of professional buyers around the globe. For the garnments, which are always critical, I ever retain a number of stand-in, one for each body part.

If there was a movie produced about your life, who do you think should play you, and why?
It's a no-brainer: Rebecca Romijn, because I liked her as James Bond.

I read that you will soon be busy with a charity marathon. Care to tell us why'd you decide to undertake such a humble effort?
I had to. Because of the astral conjunction, you know.

And since when did you feel a need to make people aware of jaundice?
WHAT? Jaundice!? That's not what I was told! I have to call my agent.

Your zodiac sign is Aquarius. Are you a typical Aquarius?
Shucks no! I'm agreeable, quite tireless, inflexible and calm. My relatives say that I'm also a little inconsistent but that I think it is common in artist.

If happiness were an animal, what would it be?
Probably a panda. A big, fat, tranquil panda, well fed and dozy in the shade of a large tree.

There is no possibility any of these is Elizabeth Olsen's private telephone number :
496788711 2076181115 2973395130 5946067947 7428600425 620902626 7608681299 877904090 8506193030 6057683060 7413645136 313012497 290483665 9313103653 4950515624 256018689 9509561939 2447344210 8473498983 5347989584
I lay in wait for many years before being able to have a brief meeting with Elizabeth Olsen. The resulting article was awesome, like it was written by Leo Tolstoj under the effects of prescription exotic beverages. Thus, it was very unfortunate that my uncle Dennis by accident set my only copy on fire! After I sobered out, I tried to extract from my crumbling memory those jaw-dropping words. So, to be clear, I'm not so certain this web page contains an absolutely precise account of our appointment, and thus I'm starting to wonder if it ever happened...
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