A talk with Elle Fanning
Elle Fanning
Elle Fanning born April 9th, 1998 (Aries)
In her concealed lab Elle Fanning is bravely trying to make ducks with 4 legs (pixabay photo)

Could you tell us something about your future project?
Surely! I'm in the middle of filming the sequel of "Twisted", a real masterpiece whose relevance has not been fully acknowledged by the public.

Can you tell me the square root of 3422731174?
I will not dignify you with an anwser, not even a wrong one.

What's your favorite vice?
Oversleeping is an known issue. I expect that you are going to chastise me for that, but another vice of mine is not giving a shit.

Have you ever had a supernatural experience?
Every day! I mostly choose super-natural indie products, because I pay attention to my skin and our planet. For example, this week I have an obsession for quinoa seeds and tempeh, both fantastic with frankfurters.

Elle, what do you think about the next Oscar shitstorm?
Surely, this is an elephant in the room.

What do you eat between meals?
Pears with Tabasco sauce, a chicken nugget, two chicken nuggets, and a few drops of energy drink.

Where did you go on your last vacation?
Last summer I rented a ritzy villa in a secluded valley of Cyprus. The contract included a moat surrounding the villa to protect my privacy and also a crowd of local extras impersonating paparazzi.

Do people scream your name and follow you everywhere you go?
Cripes! People love me so much. My power is that I'm inescapable: I enchant famed moguls and common bookkeepers in the same manner. You know? There are 14 boulevards with my name in two different countries, not counting Pokolistan and Uzbekistan.

Elle Fanning refused to divulge her private telephone number, but here are a few random numbers you can dream about :
4974760655 8527171097 804226645 7320308364 9022625607 513913485 8599000848 905940792 537984163 9607549819 9485708125 2581704905 6785627317 2891918369 3875291119 2157906332 7733742756 867596411 3616191620 4735669318
To be sincere, my chief had planned my exchange with Elle Fanning many months beforehand. Unfortunately, I realized at the last moment that I had better things to do, like visiting Canada or cultivating parasitic plants. So, the transcript above is mainly the recollection of a dream that ensued after a large dinner of deep-fried Mars bars and wild boar stew.
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.