A conversation with Emma Stone
Emma Stone
Emma Stone born November 6th, 1988 (Scorpio)
Emma Stone likes to imagine that in a precedent existence she was a rag doll (pixabay photo)

Do you have problems with movie directors?
I like directors who make crystal clear what they want from me, so I can do the reverse.

Have you ever had a supernatural experience?
Ah, good memories... Many years ago I was traveling in Uzbekistan with a friend and we did "it" in the prairie, like naughty panthers, in the middle of nature.

Are you aware of the rumors about you and the seaplane appearing in your last movie?
I already told the NSA everything I know.

Which super power do you have?
Not a secret! I can smell colors. Maybe this is not so remarkable in tall people with Scottish neighbors.

If you could choose an animal to reincarnate in, which one would it be?
It's a no-brainer: a monkey.

Emma, you have been seen in a compromising setting with a superstar whose name and whose gender I'm not allowed to publish. Care to comment?
If you mean L.Y., then it was a completely platonic thing. I deny any other "situation", expecially one with Y.J...

I may have a photo.
You know, I think the photo is just an impression...

An impression? I do not understand.
Yes, just an impression. Like when you got the impression everything is perfectly OK in your little life and then without a motive your house is swarmed by the CIA looking for some improper material somebody has planted there. Capeesh?

I was joking, there is absolutely no photo...

I will not deceive you by falsely stating that Emma Stone's home telephone number is listed here :
6268448652 890731527 5194335464 9573493867 8912854188 394437877 5187004716 3981164054 854666813 7962060908 4414619888 9800494551 7948808051 466256831 639816663 2798461661 7965014399 8801477998 7428447713 203958459
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