An interview with Eva Green
Eva Green
Eva Green born July 6th, 1980 (Cancer)
Donald G. Stewart, the new Eva Green's head of security, is constantly experimenting different ways to keep at bay stalkers and obnoxious fans (source)

An imaginary character you think to as an inspiration?
As a poll suggests, Sarah Connor, because of our deep bright eyes.

Do people yell your name and applaud everywhere you go?
Exactamundo! People love me so much. My strength is that I'm inescapable: I delight prominent cosmonauts and depressed sewer inspectors in the same fashion. It's nice to hear that there are at least 12 avenues with my name in three different countries, not counting Cyprus and Robonia, which I'm not sure are actually countries.

Are you allergic to anything?
Yes, I have a little intolerance to toluene, helicopters and ferrets.

Do you have a favorite book?
I'm crazy about "The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Talker.

You surely mean, by J.R.R. Tolkien?
You sure? I think we can agree to disagree.

If you didn't grow up to become known as the actress Eva Green, what do you think you would have done?
I would have enrolled at Smith College, signed up for Pragmatic Bioethics 101, failed, and bailed out after a year with an online poker addiction.

You have been the recipient of many awards. Which is the first prize you ever won?
At the age of 6, I won the "Plastic Jackal Prize" issued by the city of Los Angeles for "superlative and unrequested acting accomplishment".

Eva, can you share with us a memory of your role in "Casino Royale"?
Okey-doke! All the other characters were chomping corn beef flavored bonbons all the time.

And now a bunch of numbers which are not Eva Green's secret telephone number :
6933569353 798608881 459499391 3458145198 6208090020 8673471101 934440561 6441483031 6286297668 3737857243 279012613 985187449 4642016672 3216787677 342032580 9457761787 317518422 216759225 740563102 9187192129
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