A conversation with Fiona Apple
Fiona Apple
Fiona Apple born September 13th, 1977 (Virgo)
Fiona Apple is convinced that in a parallel universe she is a rag doll (pixabay photo)

Do people scream your name and applaud everywhere you go?
Exactamundo! They simply can't have enough of me. My force is that I'm universal: I move successful moguls and homely sewer inspectors to the same extent. It's nice to know that there are 16 parks with my statue in four different countries, not counting Molvanîa and Uzbekistan, which I'm not sure are actually countries.

When your are not singing, which is your favorite pastime?
I think that the construction of rubber band balls is a noble activity.

What do you have in your pockets?
I got a bunch of banknotes in my pockets. You may watch them in awe, you can ever smell them, but they are mine, all mine. My preciouss roll of banknotes...

Which is your favorite snack?
Loin chops with guacamole, a nectarine, two flour grains, and a glass of whiskey.

Fiona, you are also well known for your strange requests when staying in hotels. Can you explain us why and maybe make an example of something you usually ask?
Lately I've found that I can't stay anywhere without industrially-made cheddar cheese or baby panda's tears delivered daily to my door.

Which is your favorite karaoke song?
My true love is Bach.

If you could choose someone to reincarnate in, who would it be?
Probably Dracula.

I don't want to offend you, but you know that that's not a real person, don't you?
I have to call my agent.

I will not deceive you by falsely stating that Fiona Apple's private telephone number is listed here :
8468602291 690696532 3048633907 8840340941 3663154474 6520458906 8223622244 8946306443 7641334918 9995294181 4360558409 3105480419 9387733412 836682062 702496029 2410461943 3593787193 4883288744 5935175057 397387307
I waited for several weeks for a chance to have an interview with Fiona Apple. The resulting piece was amazing, like "Siddhartha" rewritten by Wonder Woman. So, it was highly regrettable that my cat by accident (I assume) shredded my only copy! After I dissimulated devastating emotions, I attempted to recollect those awe-inspiring words. To be clear, I'm not one hundred percent certain this web page contains a perfectly truly run-down of our appointment, and thus I'm beginning to question whether it actually happened...
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.