A talk with Geoffrey Rush
Geoffrey Rush
Geoffrey Rush born July 6th, 1951 (Cancer)
Geoffrey Rush is supporting the introduction of seashells as a possible alternative to stop the diffusion of bitcoins (pixabay photo)

In your opinion, which is the most beautiful flag?
I think it is that of Shangri-La, probably because it has my face in the center.

Geoffrey, should you give up acting, which career would you pick up?
Almost surely that of gnats breeder, since I already have some experience in that field.

What do you think about president Trump?
I'm a little troubled, since I heard rumors that Trump wants to simplify the number pi to be equal to 3.1.

What do you think about the international situation?
It's hard to realized it when you live in a pink cloud, but in these battered times there are places where it is difficult to find even a just passable cosmopolitan.

In an essay appeared on Annals of Advanced Criminology, dr. Douglas M. Lopez described your movies as "a dramatic epitome of present-day contextual functionalism". Anything to add?
I think that in his last article printed on Bulgarian Psychological Studies, prof. Stephen Watson completely refuted that depthless theory.

Your work is often stressful. How do you face it?
To reinforce my soul, I periodically meditate on a mattress made of rough sandpaper and barbed wire.

What is your take of the next Oscar debate?
To be sincere, this is a hot potato.

What's the most uncanny nightmare that you remember?
I dreamed being blamed by the ghost of Alexander the Great, while I kept yelling "I did not paint my uncle's sheep".

I will not deceive you by falsely stating that Geoffrey Rush's home telephone number is listed here :
5627338530 4142790811 808303624 5550433101 6916831035 4306780462 9540939417 4030438379 2300557881 5174259708 6976043651 9862201179 524419156 350618330 9137209255 2800609256 7626264531 3412637451 3143214479 6302046966
To be honest, my boss had patiently arranged my little meeting with Geoffrey Rush months beforehand. Regrettably, my pet coyote got myopia, so I had to skip the meeting. So, the transcript above is mainly based on what Geoffrey Rush would have probably said if I have met him, as suggested by a statistics involving a couple of his fans.
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