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A talk with Haley Bennett
Haley Bennett
Haley Bennett born January 7th, 1988 (Capricorn)
Larry O. Cooper, the new Haley Bennett's head of security, is constantly testing alternative ways to keep at bay stalkers and pestiferous followers (source)

Do you use an alias when you arrange for, say, a hotel suite? You know, to protect your privacy and to deceive reporters and stalkers
You bet! I'll go to any length to steer clear of those punks. We generally employ the moniker "Haley Bunnett".

Haley, do you have something to say to your youngest fans?
I guess! Don't let the color of your skin keep you from seeing what the world has to offer. Sun block and sunscreen are sold for a reason.

Which is your secret for unblemished skin?
Only few know it is a scrubbing with hot jello twice a week.

When you were a little girl, did you see acting as a possible profession?
You must be kidding! My father and I decided that I would have become a clerk. But, things don't always work out the way you imagined.

How is your relationship with movie directors?
Everything is fine, except that time in which (probably due to a stand-in strike) a director ordered me to eat a mouthful of dirt, which was strange, since that was not in the script.

Where do you go when you die?
When you are going to bite the big one, so to speak, you generally also develop the habit to stick around.

If there was another movie produced about your life, who do you think should play you, and why?
Rosamund Pike, since we both like Forrest Gump.

Haley, you have been seen in a particular position with a famous person whose name and whose gender I'm not authorized to bring out in the open. Care to comment?
I deny any "situation", expecially one with Q.J..

I may have a photo.
You know, the photo has probably appeared spontaneously...

Spontaneously? I do not understand.
Yes, some casual photons spontaneously produced an utterly random photo in which you erroneously tagged me. For example, given the right conditions, your car or your dog could "spontaneously" explode. Do you understand now?

I think I've lost that (very unclear) picture anyway...

And now a bunch of numbers which are not Haley Bennett's home telephone number :
613986193 5115465228 484474010 7083452413 3366595080 3804494889 867194956 2949443522 8448056352 8924628939 888289375 7177108016 7343668197 2879803462 5356763723 7590299896 2111341316 4643316884 6529895745 2992794050
I have a confession to make. My director had arranged my little interview with Haley Bennett several months beforehand. Unfortunately, my pet hamster got beriberi, so I had to skip the appointment. So, the transcript above is essentially the elaboration of a nightmare that followed after a large dinner of liver sausages and deep-fried bell peppers.
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.