A conversation with Hannah Simone
Hannah Simone
Hannah Simone born August 3rd, 1980 (Leo)
Hannah Simone is supporting the introduction of seashells as a possible option to bitcoins (pixabay photo)

Do you have issues with movie directors?
I was always mutinying against them when I was a little scoundrel, but now I simply disregard them when they prattle.

If I may ask, do you have any particular phobia?
I guess! I suffer from an irrational phobia for venetian blinds, after a freak accident happened to my aunt. I'm also terrified by Ouija boards, but that is quite normal.

Hannah, which is your favorite fruit?
It is called "Hannah's gem". In the middle of one of my famed studies in the Atacama desert, I uncovered an inconspicuous plant unknown to botanists, now named Atrocoma sanguinea, that blooms only every 6 years. It then gives fruits whose flavor reminds of plums and gasoline. It seems unappetizing, but it may become a compulsive habit.

Are you superstitious?
Aye! I use to hug 3 random people who wear a red shirt before a relevant meeting.

If you didn't grow up to become known as the actress Hannah Simone, what do you think you would have done?
I would have gone to a film production company and licked the filling from all the Oreos in the common kitchen until they gave me a job.

If happiness were an animal, what would it be?
It is a bear. A big, fat, serene bear, glutted and sleepy in a summer breeze.

Could you tell us what's your earliest memory?
I have a somehow indistinct and quite bizarre memory. A man is alone on a very straight, long road in the middle of nowhere among the fields of corn. Suddenly, a crop-spraying biplane begins chasing him, flying almost at ground level and bullets are fired against the man. Unarmed and unable to defend himself, he runs among corn.

Well, I believe this is a scene from the film "North by Northwest".
Touche'! You may be right. Yesterday I catnapped at a film festival.

Hannah Simone refused to let me know her home telephone number, but here are a few random numbers you can dream about :
5248647446 231702639 4711522574 5830850740 3910608219 386469688 5392807112 5857174794 5890966539 4888197347 556150652 425478499 389448698 5171543808 7534760221 7498157789 270117081 2901693359 8321229483 8823983413
My exchange with Hannah Simone has been patiently scheduled several months in advance. The resulting interview was stunning, like "Catch-22" rewritten by Catwoman. Thus, it was highly untoward, to put it mildly, that my koala ate my only copy! After I accepted reality, I made an attempt to summon up those great words. To be straight, I'm not so confident this web page contains an absolutely precise report of what transpired during our exchange, and I'm starting to be uncertain it ever happened...
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.