A talk with Jessalyn Gilsig
Jessalyn Gilsig
Jessalyn Gilsig born November 30th, 1971 (Sagittarius)
Writing her will, Jessalyn Gilsig has requested that her body should be donated to aliens, as a welcome gift (pixabay photo)

We are here tonight with a special guest, Jessalyn Gilsig, who just made her way through her last movie. Hi, Jessalyn, and welcome to Celebrity Wondercouch.
It's a pleasure being here, because it counts as community service.

In an essay published on Pacific Journal of Alternative Anthropology, prof. George Thomas described your roles as "a tragic summary of latest contextual accidentalism". Which is your reaction?
I think that in his last article appeared on American Annals of Applied Objectivism, dr. Keith K. Lee completely discredited that preposterous theory.

Do you know any good cough cure?
Why not! Here it is my guaranteed panacea for cough. Mix two parts of sparkling wine, one part of ground coffee and some relish in the skull of a monkey, then guzzle the resulting mixture every 20 minutes for at least 2 hours.

Have you ever had a supernatural experience?
Every day! I mostly prefer super-natural alternative products, because I do care about my skin and my supporters. For example, this week I have a passion for quinoa seeds and fermented cabbage, which I found amazing on BBQ brisket.

You appear to be always so sprightly and vivacios. Do you also have a dark side?
It's hard to admit it, but I do. Each one has a dark side. At times, when I see another actress, my vision blurs and I shake with aversion. And all of a sudden, I experience the need to expunge that dimwit from this planet and jump on her cold casket. That is my amiable side... I let you figure out how dark my dark side is.

Jessalyn, you are also well known for your strange demands when staying in hotels. Is it true? Could you tell us why and maybe make an example of something you usually ask?
Jessalyn needs what Jessalyn needs, and she generally gets it. Whether it's pure francium or titanium-plated underwear.

Which is your secret for eternal youth?
Only few know it is a scrubbing with yak milk once a month.

Can you tell me the square root of 5387932932?
I could tell you, but then I'd have to extirpate you.

Jessalyn Gilsig refused to let me know her secret telephone number, but here are some random numbers you can dream about :
2933559351 6947460825 620882741 9756901854 6943847219 373711134 8564855567 6079733226 598981629 7500610686 2710244760 8913491269 7017167123 6408739320 795263301 9528382747 9668866374 8439554791 927473859 892032399
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