A conversation with Jessica Szohr
Jessica Szohr
Jessica Szohr born March 31st, 1985 (Aries)
Vladimir Putin is a great fan of Jessica Szohr. He has invited her for a 2 months stay in his summer residence. (source)

Do you ever Google yourself?
Say every day or so. But lately Google asks "Did you mean Jessica Szihr", who allegedly is a patents examiner from Boston. That's quite depressing, but not as much upsetting as finding that according to Bing my name sounds like a shocking curse in Klingonese.

Jessica, do you like tigers?
You think i've lost my marbles!

Why you do not like tigers?
To be frank, they reek! And one tiger bite my grandpa's funny parts. That was one of the reasons I become an actress, so I should probably rethink my relation with tigers.

Could you suggest a remedy for hangovers?
Of course! Here it is my guaranteed remedy. In case of drunkness mix three parts of vermouth, one part of mineral water and some paprika. Apply the resulting mixture on your chin and your feet.

Are you allergic to anything?
Yes, I have a little intolerance to glycerol, bullshit and beaver milk (please, don't ask!).

What’s the best sound in the world?
I think it is the gentle sound of a bunch of new banknotes touching each other. But please, write instead something more fashionable, for example "the relaxing purr of an unworried kitten" or "the first word of your kid".

Could you tell us which is your earliest memory?
Well, I'm the testimonial for a new fragrance called "My Earliest Memory", so I cannot speak about the subject.

I'm eager to prove that fragrance.
I'll let you have a coupon.

Jessica Szohr refused to divulge her home telephone number, but here is a list of random numbers you can dream about :
518433889 9139546677 6764706852 4068261568 5038501569 3472413899 246359352 6171620386 8067991965 9765948999 7587835968 684308540 3393792272 635504429 6575332053 8489150670 5332957730 8364709179 2405193281 659086848
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