A talk with Joanna Garcia Swisher
Joanna Garcia Swisher
Joanna Garcia Swisher born August 10th, 1979 (Leo)
Less known fact: Joanna Garcia Swisher is an expert in Mok'bara, the Klingon martial art (source)

Joanna, what is your opinion about the controversial issue of global warming?
I have the proofs that this global warming anomaly is surely an invention of Val Verde's moles.

You have been seen in a particular setting with a superstar whose name and whose gender I'm not at liberty to bring out in the open. Have you something to tell us?
Do you mean O.I.? It's an absolutely platonic thing. I deny any other such "situation", expecially one with H.L...

I may have a photograph.
Well, the photo has probably appeared spontaneously...

Spontaneously? I do not understand.
Yes, some stray photons spontaneously produced a completely random photo in which you incorrectly recognized me. For example, given the right conditions, your spouse or your dog may "spontaneously" catch fire. Do you understand?

I think I've lost that picture anyway...
Could you tell us which is your earliest memory?

People say that only the 7th son of a 7th son has total recall, but I have a clear memory of the moment I saw the light. You know, it was a day in August. An almost magic summer day, the wildflowers gleaming under the sun in the meadows. And I was there, soaked from head to toe with blood, in a room full of people yelling like wolves, moving around like hopeless zombies. The first, but not the best day of my life...

You make me cry...
You are too soft. My whole life is like an amble into a grinder. And it's still far better than average.

Did you ever participated in a séance?
Yep! It was a very uncanny experience. Suddenly, the spirit of Aristotle appeared and revealed that almost surely I'm the reincarnation of a neighbor of Isaac Newton.

Joanna Garcia Swisher refused to divulge her private telephone number, but here is a list of random numbers you can dream about :
4377777905 4894210822 8987563336 5463897874 4892393105 6374408926 229577733 7247444479 2695453798 3967960479 4114164452 2615219084 2479080283 3255154097 8828471661 4744869865 9668175818 8423318523 3119385434 2201216632
Let's face it, actors are very over-booked people. It's difficult for them to schedule an interview. So we decided to leave Joanna Garcia Swisher peacefully alone and we obtained the interview above without her help. Therefore, this web page is an an extrasensorial transcription we obtained from a certified soul reader from Boston.
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