A talk with Joel Kinnaman
Joel Kinnaman
Joel Kinnaman born November 25th, 1979 (Sagittarius)
An obsessive fan, a neighbor or a random passerby? Well, we have no idea, but we pixellated the photo nonetheless! (pixabay photo)

If you didn't grow up to become known as the actor Joel Kinnaman, what do you think you would have done?
I would have enrolled at Bowdoin College, signed up for Criminal Epistemology 101, failed, and bailed out after a year with an online massively multiplayer videogames addiction.

What's the strangest dream you remember?
Not really a dream: I found myself alone in a barren dim place. A strange flavor in my mouth. Then I realized I got drunk at a screening of "Dreamcatcher" in a shabby cinema near San Francisco.

Are you superstitious?
Yes! I have to avoid any food whose name contains the letter "H" right before a relevant business meeting.

Which brand of toilet paper do you use?
I can proudly tell you that I make my own brand. My personal hand-made toilet paper is obtained from the fibers of Pitystroma acutifolia, an almost extinct tree native of Markovia.

Could you suggest a remedy for hangovers?
Might as well! In case of drunkness mix one part of cider, three parts of instant coffee and some butter. Apply the resulting elixir on your chin and your ankles.

Joel, do you like squirrels?

Why you do not like squirrels?
To be frank, they stink! And one squirrel bite my grandpa's leg. This is one of the reasons I become an actor, so I should reconsider my opinion about squirrels.

Do you know the "word association" game? I tell you a word and you say another word. I begin with :
Q: time.

Joel : clock

Q: youth
Joel : genius

Q: evil
Joel : extermination

We are going nowhere fast...

Joel Kinnaman refused to share his home telephone number, but here is a list of random numbers you can dream about :
5515448933 5503501107 5281988699 559918411 2312641837 3054636397 304928272 5058268233 9077026818 9363699279 393873955 4636431800 2742677181 6185690946 3826142990 836409080 246825638 6944147948 568741578 751941915
I patiently queued up for many years for an occasion to have a little rendezvous with Joel Kinnaman. The resulting piece was mind-blowing, like "Great Expectations" rewritten by Daredevil. Thus, it was highly untoward, to put it mildly, that another inmate (on purpose!) devoured my only copy! After I punished myself, I made an effort to recall those excellent words. I want to be honest, I'm not really certain this web page is an entirely accurate run-down of our talk, and so I'm beginning to ask myself if it ever took place...
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.