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A talk with Joni Mitchell
Joni Mitchell
Joni Mitchell born November 7th, 1943 (Scorpio)
Less known fact: during her driving exam, Joni Mitchell unintentionally collided with a befuddled panda, with little consequences for both (pixabay photo)

Have you made resolutions for the New Year?
Well, there have been some legal concerns about my contract, so to make a short story shorter, next year I will be known as "Joni Motchell".

Apart from singing, is there something in which you excel?
I can balance a dish on my right big toe for at least one hour.

Joni, where will you go on your next holiday?
For my next holiday I leased a chic villa in a secretive valley of Qumar. The only issue was making a transfer in Linden dollars to the amiable estate agent from Russia that proposed me the business.

A fictional character you recognize as similar to you in spirit?
Otto von Bismarck, because of our artful hair style.

Can you confirm the gossip about the heist of the Kraken DNA samples?
Humankind can't handle the truth!

Joni, which is your secret for flawless skin?
Only few know it is a daily scrubbing with jello.

Are you superstitious?
Yes sir! I use to spit 3 times on my elbow right before an important encounter. Obviously not this one.

One of your cornerstones, "Big Yellow Taxi", is a beloved song of hatred. Does it also have a secret meaning?
People nowadays are fixated with secret meanings. It's a song about the feeling you get when you're out of toilet paper, and that's all. How many meanings do you want me to stuff in a single song?

And now a bunch of numbers which are not Joni Mitchell's home telephone number :
2119245772 651195596 847310572 4062602757 3575231276 6730118011 714329764 6071969736 582094906 7904274472 5662216292 6959234502 7066015666 6380213962 6847619673 750762948 2750696518 9215325122 5127837234 4290498815
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