An interview with Jonny Lee Miller
Jonny Lee Miller
Jonny Lee Miller born November 15th, 1972 (Scorpio)
Last week, Jonny Lee Miller has sold his celebrated gummy bears collection to an eccentric plutocrat for $395,000 (pixabay photo)

Do you have a favorite book?
I'm totally enthusiastic about "Of Mice and Men" by John Stayback.

You surely mean, by John Steinbeck?
Surely my cover had a typo, but I've heard it both ways.

What is your opinion about the current USA president?
I though this was a light-hearted website, not a peek to the dark side of the moon.

Can you confirm the noise about the loss of the mermaid pictures?
Curiosity killed the cat! Humanity can't handle the truth!

You have been the recipient of many prizes. Which is the first award you ever won?
At the early age of 9, I won the "Tin Sheep Award" assigned by the municipality of Boston for "superlative but superfluous acting performance".

What’s in your pocket right now?
As this transcription is a fabrication of your mischievous imagination, I'm in my seductive undercloths, so no pockets at all.

Have you ever had a supernatural experience?
Ah, I remember that many years ago I was crossing Libya in a battered camper with a special friend. We did "that" in the meadows, under the moon, in the middle of nature.

Jonny, have you made resolutions for the New Year?
Well, there are some legal concerns regarding my contract, the simplest way out is changing my name, so next year I will use the name "Jonny Lae Miller".

I will not deceive you by falsely stating that Jonny Lee Miller's home telephone number is listed here :
5617591240 4394386089 3625665072 5666341674 4249243088 2857347763 358942916 2115918180 2284975215 5442658647 4720648708 262500786 3704251618 905426326 6414614337 805507360 7545310937 2890240260 3615554507 3370322059
My boss had arranged my short appointment with Jonny Lee Miller months beforehand. Regrettably, I realized I had better things to do, like learning Polish or collecting wall sockets. So, the transcript above is essentially the impression of a nightmare I had following a heavy dinner based on beans and raw onions.
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.