A conversation with Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts born October 28th, 1967 (Scorpio)
Sambadoo, the cherished pet fish of Julia Roberts, can also double as a protein snack in case of protracted famine (pixabay photo)

Do you know the "word association" game? I tell you a word and you say another word. I begin with :
Q: night.

Julia : darkness

Q: peace
Julia : beach

Q: coworkers
Julia : corpses

You really know how to play...
Do you like to cook?

To be frank, I believe that cooking food is a waste of time. After all, there are relatives and bistros willing to provide my daily dose of sugars and vitamines. In the few occasions I decide to cook for my disciples, I like to design salads. My all time favorite is a mix of spam and quinoa, which I think can satisfy both vegans and normal people.

Intriguing! Could you share the recipe?
By all means! You take the spam and the quinoa and you make a bunch of sandwiches using some rye bread.

It does not matter, I derived the recipe from one for a sandwich. After you made the sandwiches, you dispose of the bread and mix spam and quinoa with some lemon juice and there it is!

Does your agent use a pseudonym when he makes reservation for, say, a flight? You know, to protect your privacy and to dodge stalkers and journalists
That's for certain! We'll go to any length to run away from those nuisances. I often adopt the moniker "Julia Ruberts".

Here is a list of numbers I have already excluded from being Julia Roberts' secret telephone number :
892322588 4270298275 5660638387 349550804 4892209912 929532112 2494219570 7526188865 248150651 462609248 9624418150 645876769 5326626011 7004343345 4003190541 873319691 7251090668 935199289 259644675 2555603742
I patiently waited for weeks for a chance to have a conversation with Julia Roberts. The resulting interview was staggering, like it was written by Astrid Lindgren in her prime. Thus, it was highly regrettable that my mother in law by accident (I assume) set my only copy on fire! After I regained my composure, I attempted to extract from my vanishing memory those jaw-dropping words. To be honest here: I'm not so certain this web page contains an entirely accurate account of what transpired during our rendezvous, and thus I'm beginning to wonder if it actually happened...
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.