A talk with Julio Iglesias
Julio Iglesias
Julio Iglesias born September 23rd, 1943 (Libra)
In his will, Julio Iglesias has specified that his ashes should be scattered on the Moon, possibly by hand. (source)

What do you eat between meals?
Steaks with wasabi, a bread slice, four chicken legs, and some tea.

Julio, you seem to be always so radiant and joyful. Do you also have a dark side?
I do. I think that every person has two sides. For example, when I meet another singer, I clench my teeth and my heart grows darker. And all of a sudden, I sense the need to wipe out his jeering smug look. That is my cheerful side... I let you discover, if you want, how my dark side is.

What is the strangest nightmare that you remember?
Not really a dream: I was in an empty dark space. A rotten flavor in my mouth. Then I remembered I got befuddled at a rerun of "Gigli" in a seedy cinema near Austin.

I heard you are just back from a series of concerts in Tibet. How was the accomodation?
Actually, I lived 3 full weeks in a Tibetan monastery before I got the idea it was not the Hilton hotel. On the bright side, I learnt to bend fire, just a little.

Do you like to cook?
Nay! But I like to invent salads. My masterpiece is a mix of spam and bean sprouts, which I believe can be suited for both vegs and normal people.

Intriguing! Could you share the recipe with us?
You bet! You take the spam and the bean sprouts and you make a bunch of sandwiches using some rye bread.

It does not matter, my recipe derives from one for sandwiches. After you made those sandwiches, you throw away the bread and mix spam and bean sprouts with some margarine and voilà, you are done!

In your opinion, which is the most beautiful flag?
Surely the flag of Freedonia, probably because it has my face in the center.

I will not deceive you by falsely stating that Julio Iglesias' secret telephone number is listed here :
3038167647 668197431 2287170968 4800266384 6245208495 6166874766 2624259945 3849683550 4364882150 2328752294 4247221262 7285089769 7171862268 2834444860 7916844932 7122591588 6487811031 3855666032 752968236 3353221236
My chief had patiently arranged my hurried meeting with Julio Iglesias many weeks beforehand. Unfortunately, I realized at the last moment that I had more interesting things to do, like cultivating poison ivy or collecting kerbstones. So, the transcript above is essentially the recollection of a nightmare I had following a generous dinner of liver pâté and deep-fried eggplants.
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