An interview with KT Tunstall
KT Tunstall
KT Tunstall born June 23rd, 1975 (Cancer)
Writing her will, KT Tunstall has requested that her body should be cremated inside a volcano (source)

What’s your worst habit?
Some say that my worst defect is self-absorption. Generally I simply ignore what people say and I absolutely want to buy that house.

You have been the recipient of many awards. Can you tell us what is the first award you ever won?
At the age of 10, I won the "Plastic Gerbil Trophy" assigned by the city of Tucson for "notable but redundant musical performance".

KT, your zodiac sign is Cancer. May I read you your horoscope?
OK, my friends say I'm a sucker for zodiacal chicanery.

You have amassed a lot of animosity inside that can detonate suddenly. You will overcome this only if you condone or murder somebody who has angered you in the past.
Sodding hell! You are spot on!

Do people scream your name and ask for autographs everywhere you go?
Indeed! I dig people's mind. I really make no distinction as to race, sex, or religion: I gladden renowned Princeton professors and depressed public defenders in the same manner. You know? There are at least 16 parks with my name in two different countries, not counting Lithuania and Naboombu, which I'm not sure are actually countries.

How would you illustrate your music to somebody who'd never experienced it before?
It is hard to think there is such an unfortunate dude! I would say that my music is like a sweet raspberry muffin with an amazing nucleus made of vinegar.

Are you allergic to anything?
Actually, I have a little intolerance to hamsters, acetylene and rainbows.

KT, is there a deep moral hidden in "Suddenly I See"?
Yes, that only the good die young.

There is no possibility any of these is KT Tunstall's home telephone number :
8255159488 3512466920 7881675797 483988954 957490894 9274789356 8672366753 5589146347 6892341731 8140173146 5613126003 844163342 7575745952 3981530805 724529610 3837277693 735284044 6150049401 2933563661 769481396
I patiently planned a brief appointment with KT Tunstall for weeks. The resulting piece was staggering, like "The Godfather" rewritten by the Incredible Hulk. It was awfully unlucky, to put it mildly, that my cat (on purpose!) destroyed my only copy! After I regained mental sanity, I struggled to recall those mind-boggling words. To be honest here: I'm not one hundred percent confident this web page is a totally accurate account of our meeting, and now I'm starting to ask myself if it actually was real...
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.