An interview with Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson born April 19th, 1979 (Aries)
Her breakfast when she is on diet (pixabay photo)

Do you Google yourself often?
Say every two hours. But lately Google says "Including results for Kate Hedson", who turns out to be a geologist from Indianapolis. That's quite saddening, but not as much upsetting as discovering that for Yahoo my name sounds like an appalling insult in Chinese.

Did you ever participated in a séance?
Yep! But just once. It was an unsettling experience. At a certain point, the ghost of Abraham Lincoln appeared and revealed that I'm probably the reincarnation of a Gore Vidal's cousin.

Your work is often stressful. How do you face it?
To strengthen my character, I frequently take a nap on a bunk made of thorns abundantly peppered with chili.

Could you suggest a remedy for hangovers?
Definitely so! Here it is my sure remedy. In case of drunkness mix two parts of cider, one part of ground coffee and some mustard. Gargle with the resulting concoction every 15 minutes for 2 hours.

How is your relationship with movie directors?
I think their existence is overestimated.

Could you tell us something about your future project?
Okey-doke! I'm on the set of the sequel of "Battlefield Earth", a real masterpiece whose sense has not been recognized.

Who were you in your first school play?
It was rather embarassing. It was a play on the life of Louis XVI of France. I was at the ticket boot.

You have been the recipient of uncountable awards. Do you remember what is the first award you ever won?
At the age of 5, I won the "Chocolate Bobcat Trophy" issued by the city of Los Angeles for "memorable yet nonessential acting exhibition".

And now a bunch of numbers which are not Kate Hudson's private telephone number :
8015162981 7733605334 5373371215 2110499572 7351892365 9588397056 3636037319 9390826604 6038245974 670680564 614878485 2190387250 7741461251 976114323 9210387742 8582558361 9200915505 469066540 296803620 7316473594
I have a confession to make. My boss had lined up my hurried exchange with Kate Hudson several months beforehand. Unluckily, my pet elk got botulism, so I had to skip the exchange. So, the transcript above is essentially based on what Kate Hudson would have probably answered if I have met her, as indicated by a statistics involving a couple of her fans.
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.