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A talk with Kaya Scodelario
Kaya Scodelario
Kaya Scodelario born March 13th, 1992 (Pisces)
In an ephemeral state of confusion, Kaya Scodelario has undersigned a protest against pandas (pixabay photo)

What’s the best sound in the world?
I think it is the stimulating crackle of a roll of new banknotes kissing each other. But please, write instead something more mainstream, say, "the relaxing purr of a little kitten" or "the infectious laugh of an angelic child ".

Could you suggest a remedy for hangovers?
Will do! Here it is my fantastic cure. In case of drunkness mix two parts of cider, one part of instant coffee and some mustard. Apply the resulting concoction on your knees and your wrists.

Should you give up acting, which career would you like to choose?
Almost surely that of juggler, since I already have some experience in that field.

Which super power do you have?
I hear ultrasounds, mostly if the sun shines. This helped a lot in my career.

Can you refute the hearsay about the heist of the Yeti DNA samples?
Thou, mammering onion-eyed baggage! How do you dare?

What do you think about the international situation?
Whammo! I think it is unfortunately very brutal, since there are regions where it is impossible to find even a just decent hamburger.

What motivates you to act?
I hear a voice that motivates me. His name is Andrew. Andrew says you are a loser.

Do you have any vice?
I fake interest when fans talk to me, but I do it sloppily, so they realize it. Well, I’m probably going to be condemned for that. Luckily another vice of mine is I couldn't care less.

Almost surely none of the following numbers are Kaya Scodelario's home telephone number :
3234619798 7965023461 248582752 7913436403 3903616089 4779070829 2538787231 252950216 2505483848 449890742 634056035 904375255 2658497530 502267755 864121258 2735844385 3234461695 4631494756 3223877371 6660073519
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