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A conversation with Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves born September 2nd, 1964 (Virgo)
Which is Keanu Reeves' secret for perfect skin? Surprisingly, it is a weekly sponging with hot yak milk (source)

Have you ever had a supernatural experience?
Every day! I mostly consume super-natural eco-friendly products, because I do pay attention to my skin and my fans. For example, this week I have a crush for dried jellyfish and ginseng, which I found amazing inside a cheeseburger.

Keanu, what's your favorite vice?
Laziness. I have troubles dragging myself out of bed until 3 PM I solved the issue by setting my clocks to Borduria's time zone. See, surely you are going to criticize me for that. Luckily another vice of mine is I don't give a damn.

Could you tell us which is your earliest memory?
I have a very indistinct and bizarre recollection. I was bounded to a baleful metallic chair in the center of a huge cylindrical place, like a concrete silo. There was a mad man with a hair-raising baby mask who was going to hurt me. But before the worst could happen, a lot of men in black gear came down from above to my rescue. A shootout ensues. One has a Santa Claus fake beard.

Well, it seems to me this is a famous scene from the film "Brazil".
Kapow! To be frank, yesterday evening I had a snooze at a film festival.

What’s the best sound in the world?
Surely it is the consoling swish of a bunch of new banknotes touching each other. However, my agent requires you write instead something more likeable, like "the merry laugh of a happy kid " or "the first 'dad' of your son".

Keanu, do you like jackals?
Who do you think i am!

Why you do not like jackals?
First of all, they stink! And one jackal bite my cousin's leg. This is one of the motives I decided to become an artist, so I should reconsider my position on jackals.

Keanu, do you have any superpower?
Oh my gosh! Talking backwards in Vietnamese, mostly on full moon nights. This was quite annoying during work hours.

There is no possibility any of these is Keanu Reeves' private telephone number :
2453787218 3291502455 3193002047 6949474624 510222466 9015194866 9367666142 4348914542 3437154076 3219550616 6231368942 7749173104 4629208624 613434447 790764688 5661023857 6751787699 6775677590 796771473 5701280310
I have a confession to make. My director had patiently arranged my little appointment with Keanu Reeves weeks beforehand. Unluckily, my pet monkey got alopecia, so I had to skip the rendezvous. So, this web page is mainly based on what Keanu Reeves would have probably answered if I have met him, as suggested by a telephonic poll involving a couple of his fans.
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