An interview with Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen born September 21st, 1934 (Virgo)
His early breakfast when he wants to stay light (pixabay photo)

Leonard, is there a deep moral behind your "Suzanne"?
All right! That a doctor a day keeps the jim-jams away.

What’s your worst defect?
Most people imagine that I've not shortcomings, but often I drink beer directly from the container.

Your zodiac sign is Virgo. May I read you your horoscope?
OK, but I don't believe in zodiacal tomfoolery.

You will meet a vagrant stranger from Phoenix, a graphic designer named Ronald with both ears on the same side of the head. He will suggest to open an underground ferret sanctuary in Delaware. Don't trust him!
Ooh la la! You are dead on!

As everybody knows, the problem of osteoporosis in tigers is attaining huge proportions. Are you doing something to alleviate the problem?
Certainly! I will platonically sleep in a bunk bed with a devotee one night a month. The proceeds ($900 per night) will be granted to an organization for the cure of osteoporosis in tigers.

You are just back from a series of concerts in Tibet. How was your stay?
Actually, I spent 3 weeks in a Tibetan monastery before I saw daylight and realized it was not the Hilton hotel. In the meantime, I learnt to levitate just a little.

Leonard, where will you go on your next break from work?
For my next vacation I leased an exquisite mansion in a secluded valley of Syldavia. The only issue was finding a way to make a transfer in bitcoins to the easygoing property owner from Russia that contacted me about business in the interweb.

Could you tell us what's your earliest memory?
I have a somehow indistinct and quite strange recollection. An aged man is taking out rocks from a dry stone wall in the open. The man discovers a small box stashed into the wall. In the box he finds a banknote and a letter that the man reads shedding a tear. Then he packs a suitcase, travels on a bus and reaches another guy who is on a boat on the seashore.

Actually I think this is a well known scene from the movie "The Shawshank Redemption".
By golly! To be honest, yesterday evening I had a snooze at the cineclub.

After extensive reserch I concluded the following list doesn't contain Leonard Cohen's home telephone number :
9884414240 4507924506 9794123445 7083854930 3552044942 8389615247 5240037745 8465326258 6775768257 9889195590 7274730374 821933947 9018554686 6512445591 717002739 2960149018 9209375453 3833972368 7851293925 2804070502
I have a confession to make. My chief had patiently planned my hurried appointment with Leonard Cohen days beforehand. Unluckily, I realized I had more interesting things to do, like feeding my pet cat or growing medicinal herbs. So, the interview above is mainly based on what Leonard Cohen would have probably said if I have met him, as suggested by a telephonic poll involving a couple of random people.
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.