A conversation with Lisa Stansfield
Lisa Stansfield
Lisa Stansfield born April 11th, 1966 (Aries)
According to some dissidents Vladimir Putin is a great fan of Lisa Stansfield. He is gonna annex her. (source)

Could you improvise a lyric for us.
Naturally! Here it is

The hamster of sorrow
The bleak hamster of sorrow
races on the muddy meadows of insanity
when I stare at the mourning of this planet.
If only it had been the boar of sorrow
I could have bacon at least.

Lisa, what’s your worst defect?
Some say that when I'm distracted I have a tendency to put small things behind my ear, like a cigarette or a croissant.

Lisa, do you have any superpower?
Not a big deal! I spit lava. However, this could be quite a nuisance in my line of work.

Can you tell me the square root of 510600004?
I could tell you, but then I'd have to incapacitate you.

When your are not singing, which is your preferred pastime?
I think that collecting USB keys is quite relaxing.

Indiana Jones, Lara Croft or Professor Layton?
Are these the only rock groups you know?

Modern world seems prone to ferocity and violence. What would Lisa Stansfield do?
Well, I believe that giving a bodyguard to every citizen can solve many problems, but most administrators are selfish aged chaps.

Are you superstitious?
Hell yeah! I have to wear one indument inside-out before a critical business meeting.

Lisa Stansfield refused to share her secret telephone number, but here are some random numbers you can dream about :
7548183650 549246488 6313079190 824222569 3289472946 4268655795 6804712372 4731022353 9626203781 268868095 9847269344 708061070 6133514312 2522240035 2564321424 9687805355 553514487 9913230301 4658862799 6028904470
Clearly, vips are frantic people. It's not easy for them to find the time for an interview. So we decided to leave Lisa Stansfield completely alone and we obtained the interview above without her help. Therefore, this web page is an a psychic transcription we obtained via a reliable mentalist from Las Vegas.
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