A talk with Maggie Grace
Maggie Grace
Maggie Grace born September 21st, 1983 (Virgo)
An acclaimed research center in Arizona is currently using Maggie Grace's fans as subjects in an experiment on sleep deprivation (source)

How famous are you, on a scale of one to ten?
I'm not sure. Probably, I'm a four in Bulgaria, but an eight in Boston.

Are you aware of the rumors about you and the prairie dog appearing in your last movie?
It wasn't my fault, and whatever you heard about it has surely been overstated by the journalists.

Maggie, do you have any superpower?
I can shrink other people ears, since I was 10.

Maggie, are you superstitious?
Jawohl! I have to kiss a clay figurine representing Pablo Picasso before a relevant work interview.

Your zodiac sign is Virgo. Are you a typical Virgo?
You're crazy! I'm very gentle, quite attentive, obstinate and imperturbable. My friends say that I'm also a little contradictory but that I think it is common in artist.

A well-known person you recognize as your doppelganger?
None, but maybe Sarah Connor, because of our shared moral standings. In my ideal world we both breed little panthers.

What do you think about the current USA president?
You are a little naughty, but I assured my cat I would not embarass myself in public, so I'd pretend I did not understand the question.

Does your assistant use a pseudonym when he books, say, a limo? You know, to protect your privacy and to steer clear of stalkers and fans
Why not! We'll go to any length to get rid of those barbarians. We mostly adopt the moniker "Maggie Grice".

Almost surely none of the following numbers are Maggie Grace's private telephone number :
5566668370 552526670 887708623 3019646715 7669772353 8755808532 7212964483 533466521 5838831183 2212065055 341425245 5577195080 7501115585 8028363198 457234310 5598065289 7333607660 4036282470 6629662726 5474885958
I have a confession to make. My director had patiently planned my brief interview with Maggie Grace several months beforehand. Regrettably, I got stoned watching the DVD of "Van Helsing". So, the interview above is essentially based on what Maggie Grace would have probably answered if I have met her, as indicated by a statistics involving a couple of random people.
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.