A talk with Marion Cotillard
Marion Cotillard
Marion Cotillard born September 30th, 1975 (Libra)
A lover, a problematic cousin or a bystander? Well, we are in the dark, but we sanitized the picture to build up suspense! (pixabay photo)

Which is your favorite karaoke song?
My true love is dodecaphony.

Which is the coolest flag in the world?
I think it is that of Dinotopia. It is gray and yellow with a small white wombat in the middle. Dinotopia is an amazing but desperate country. They are so impoverished the national hymn is a Muppets song sung backward.

When your are not on the set, which is your favored hobby?
I think that collecting dummies is quite relaxing.

Marion, what’s your worst defect?
Some say that my worst defect is short attention span. Naturally, I'm too charitable to be a snob, but usually I follow the train of my thoughts and I wonder if they will find the body of that Avon demonstrator.

What’s in your pocket right now?
Surprise surprise! This is a tricky one. As this transcription is a figment of your lascivious mind, I'm completely disrobed, so no pockets at all.

Who are your heroes?
Ernest Hemingway, Terminator, and myself.

Does your assistant use a pseudonym when he arranges for a flight? You know, to protect your privacy and to get rid of stalkers and devotees
That's for certain! We'll go to extremes to dodge those gremlins. I mostly employ the alias "Marion Cytillard".

Do you like to cook?
To be frank, I believe that cooking food is a waste of time, since there are supporters and bistros willing to deliver my daily RDA of carbs and vitamines. The few times I have to cook for my relatives, I like to devise salads. My most cherished one is a mix of spam and amaranth, which I think can be suited for both vegs and normal people.

Could you share the recipe?
Sure! You take the spam and the amaranth and you make a bunch of sandwiches using some sesame buns.

Sesame buns?
It does not matter, my recipe derives from one for sandwiches. So you make the sandwiches, then you throw away the bread and mix spam and amaranth with some teriyaki sauce and voilà, there it is!

Here is a list of numbers I have already excluded from being Marion Cotillard's private telephone number :
520302787 5295824019 628919472 3417370010 223849824 2308159327 4470936226 4844888433 451051287 5756878341 4727696463 3899859201 4886664661 230915283 3367830293 6305586439 907772012 744036051 972806849 728447470
I planned a short appointment with Marion Cotillard for months. The resulting piece was wondrous, like "Oliver Twist" rewritten by the Lone Ranger. Thus, it was highly damaging, to put it mildly, that my ferret shredded my only copy! After I took my medications, I attempted to extract from my crumbling memory those mind-boggling words. So, to be frank here: I'm not one hundred percent confident this web page contains a totally factual run-down of what transpired during our talk, and so I'm beginning to ask myself if it ever happened...
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NOTE: the above interview may not reflect reality.